A rising market brings out investors more prone to risk-taking. But where should they put their money? Just how safe is aggressive investment, anyway? For investors who want to rebuild their portfolios after the losses of the past few years, here's the essential guide to investing in high performance stocks. For those willing to undergo a measure of risk in anticipation of high returns, this guide offers information on potentially top-yielding stocks, along with suggestions on how to balance a portfolio to minimize exposure while at the same time ensuring the best possible returns. Modeled on the bestselling 100 Best Stocks You Can Buy, each entry includes a summary of the company's history and scope; reasons to buy; reasons for caution; and a summary of earnings for the previous eight years. The market is surging to levels not seen since 2008. Investors are watching attentively, ready to jump on the next big thing. The 100 Best Aggressive Stocks You Can Buy 2012 will guide them safely to it.

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