100 Brief Encounters is a collection of meetings, friendly, funny and frightening, between (mostly) famous people down the ages and the event that followed those meetings. A hundred articles range from Persia in the 6th century BC to Florida during the US election of 2000. The reader will meet many famous (and not so famous) people along the way... Alexander the Great quizzing ten naked Indian philosophers Elvis jamming with the Beatles St. Columba telling Nessie to behave Macbeth (yes, that Macbeth) going on a pious pilgrimage to meet the Pope Queen Elizabeth I talking woman-to-woman with Grace O'Malley the pirate Gandhi meeting Charlie Chaplin in the East End of London Queen Victoria chatting to the Lakota Sioux from Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Each entry puts the people in context with what was happening at the time, describes the meeting, and then gives a paragraph about what happened next. Entries are cross-referenced where appropriate. The meetings in this ebook offer a unique perspective on brief moments in our history. As Donald Rumsfeld would perhaps have put it, this is 'stuff' as it happened, and we are all interested in stuff.

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