The 100 Greatest Business Ideas of All Time provides some of the most famous, occasionally infamous, great business ideas. Whether unplanned or planned ideas, they all have the common factor of ?success?, sometimes hugely significant, like the Biro Idea pen, and sometimes hugely complicated ideas, such as the Eurotunnel Idea.We can learn a lesson from each and every one of these great idea by drawing hints for the future from the great ideas of the past. With many of the entries, the challenge to the modern day business person to expand the original idea into their own environment. After all, anyone in business can become a billionaire; you just need the to have a great idea as your starting point. The 100 Greatest Business Ideas of All Time will help you find yours!Just some of the ideas Ken Langdon reveals are:The 9 greatest Ideas for selling innovationsThe 10 greatest ideas for bumper sticker strategiesThe 5 greatest ideas for winning in the stock marketThe 4 greatest ideas (so far) to become a multi-millionaire on the internet?and 72 other fantastic ideas, tips and tricks that will take you and your business to the very top!100 Greatest books will enable you to take control of your life and your career. Packed with 100 simple but wonderfully effective ideas, these books are fun to use and easy to put into practice, giving you instant results.

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