Be honest, which of us hasn?t dreamed of starting our own business? In the age of dot.coms and free agents the idea of taking the plunge has never been more seductive?or frightening. Is it worth giving up all that security? Will you have all the necessary skills? How do you plan your business? The questions are endless.The 100 Greatest Ideas for Building the Business of Your Dreams will help you answer many of those questions. First of all, what exactly is the business of your dreams? Are you looking for wealth, freedom or fame? Or maybe the business of your dreams is about quality of life. Whichever is the case, the time to start planning is now. You must start to think about the skills and experience you will need when the great day comes. All great businesses are 90% inspiration. The 100 Greatest ideas for Building the Business of Your Dreams will help you find yours.Just some of the ideas Ken Langdon reveals are:The 5 greatest ideas for financing your business (don?t bet the house)The 6 greatest ideas for selling big ticket items business to business (sell the right benefits to the right person)The 10 greatest ideas for building your dream empire within an empire (get someone else to do the work)?and 76 other fantastic ideas, tips and tricks that will take you and your business to the very top!100 Greatest books will enable you to take control of your life and your career. Packed with 100 simple but wonderfully effective ideas, these books are fun to use and easy to put into practice, giving you instant results.

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