The 100 Greatest Ideas for Building Your Career will help you buck the odds. Just think for a moment about how much of your career is left to chance. It can depend on who happens to be your boss when you get promoted, for example, and how popular and influential he or she is. The 100 Greatest Ideas for Building Your Career includes advice and tips from fifteen chairmen and directors of some of the UK's largest companies. It will help you build a strategy for managing the elements of your career that you can control (and some you thought you couldn't). Ken Langdon shows how you can.Just some of the ideas Ken Langdon reveals are:The 8 greatest ideas for winning at company politicsThe 6 greatest ideas for spending cleverlyThe 8 greatest ideas for standing out in the crowdThe 4 greatest ideas for standing out in the more senior crowd?and 74 other fantastic ideas, tips and tricks that will take you to the very top!100 Greatest books will enable you to take control of your life and your career. Packed with 100 simple but wonderfully effective ideas, these books are fun to use and easy to put into practice, giving you instant results.

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