Are you a keen golfer? Do you watch the US masters and follow the progress of the professional players? Are you familiar with the history of this major sporting event or would like to know more? If so, everything you ever needed to know can be found in this handy new book.With 101 fascinating facts all about the US Masters, you can't help but learn something new about this famous golfing event. The book includes information on all the top golfers, past and present, their performance and personal details, the history of the tournament and much more. Do you know who holds the record for the highest number of birdies in a single US Masters, which golfer had the best winning comeback or what the tournament was called for the first five years before changing its name? All of this and more can be found inside this book.101 Things You May Not Have Known About the US Masters is as entertaining as it is educational and is a must-have for golf fans the world over.

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