Ask dog owners anywhere, and they'll tell you their least favorite part of the day is leaving their best friend behind when they leave the house. It's safe to say they don't enjoy coming home to chewed up sofas, shoes, and garbage as well. Now, dog owners can turn their bored dog into an active dog with "150 Activities for Bored Dogs". A great mix of activities for the latch-key dog as well as activities that allow the reader to get in on the fun, "150 Activities for Bored Dogs" includes chapters on Fun Fur One, Fun Fur Two, and Fun Fur the Whole Doggone Pack. "Fetch" will seem like puppy play when readers discover activities like: Hide the Treats; Rexercise; and, Tetherball Tug. The busy dog owner can finally leave guilt behind, thanks to "150 Activities for Bored Dogs".

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