America's top sales trainer Stephan Schiffman provides you with a unique syllabus that will help you land a coveted sales position-and lead the force in sales once you're there. Schiffman takes you out of the stuffy, insulated classroom and shows you "the hidden curriculum," all the skills business school professors don't know or simply don't know how to teach. Such as how to: Determine when a "prospect" is really that, and not just a waste of time; Flip a meeting's negative momentum on its head with disarming questions; Avoid the hazards of preconceptions of a client's needs; Get past "screeners" to get the ear of the real decision makers; Filter the good advice from the bad on the Internet; Impress a buyer deeply by demonstrating your focus. The 25 Sales Skills They Don't Teach at Business School is your key to the vault of sales success and personal wealth! Stephan Schiffman is America's most renowned sales trainer and is the bestselling author of numerous sales books, such as Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!) and The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes. He is the president of DEI Management Group, Inc., and has trained over 300,000 salespeople.

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