This manual of activities is written for support staff - the unsung heroes and heroines of organizations who often are the ones for whom there is no training budget. Or who can not be spared from their work to spend time in training. The book presents a wide range of activities and handouts to help teach and apply the most critical competences for administrative, secretarial and support professionals. Titles include: Delivering Bad News, Getting My Point Across, Proud to Be Part of the Team and Getting Organized. It's all here ... the activity description, target group, objectives, number of participants, time, materials, important notes for the trainer, method and optional elements. Included is an activity time checklist - so you can choose from exercises that can be completed in 60 minutes, 60-90 minutes and two hours. The 50 activities are conveniently organized into 10 areas: Orientation; Motivation and Empowerment; Caring for Our Customers; Face-to-Face Communication; Telephone Skills; Written Communication; Time Management; Managing Small Projects; Meetings; Presentation Skills. This training can be carried out in short sessions and in-house by supervisors or managers who are not officially trainers. The exercises all actively involve the participants and -because they are fun - have much more impact.

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