If one of your Info Marketing goals is to crush your closest competitors, you can practically do it by default if you eliminate the mistakes from your marketing activities and communications! When you avoid mistakes, you will WIN by not losing your time, money and confidence. Your passport to becoming a wildly successful Information Marketer boils down to doing the opposite of the "50 Mistakes" you read about in this course. Period. "50 Biggest Mistakes is packed full of logical practical, and actionable advice, that anyone in the industry can take to the bank. The best way to fix a mistake is to avoid it in the first place." "Buying this book is a no-brainer for all information marketers. Luckily, Bret didn't take his own advice and made his #5 mistake. He did not charge anywhere near the value this book provides. Before he changes his mind, I would just buy it." "When Bret Ridgway talks about Information Marketing, I listen. You should, too!" "Just after reading the first handful of 'mistakes' I've already made changes to an upcoming product launch I'm doing that should put an extra five figures into my pocket."

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