While tin/lead solders have dominated the electronics industry for many years, environmental considerations and new legislation are forcing change. Backed by more than ten years of research in Pb-free solders, many electronics manufacturers are poised for conversion. 'A Guide to Lead-free Solders' is intended as a tool to help industry as it moves into a new era in the production and use of solders. An overview of the principles of soldering technology is provided beginning with the theory underlying each concept. Focusing on the most up-to-date methods for testing and characterization, these theories are then reinforced by experimental examples and industrial applications. - Addresses key issues in assembly from a materials point of view. - Gives the reader convenient access to data essential for the proper evaluation and employment of cutting-edge ternary Sn/Ag/X solders - Allows comparison of the performance of Pb-free solders with that of standard eutectic SnPb.

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