The Technical University of Lisbon (UTL) is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Being a jubilee occasion a full program of events took place, including a two day Symposium on the research at UTL. This Symposium addressed the state-of-art in major areas of excellence at UTL. This book, containing the edited version of the invited lectures, brings together in a review manner a comprehensive summary of high quality research contributions across basic and applied sciences. As a result a broad spectrum of topics is covered reflecting the areas at UTL where there is a worldwide recognition of expertise. The transdisciplinary nature of most areas aims to stress a sense of purpose in the work developed. The contributing papers are organized around the following major areas: Emergent areas (Nanosciences, Quantic Computations and Information, Smart Materials, Risk and Volatility in financial markets); Basic Sciences (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Materials); Social Sciences, Economics and Management Sciences; Life and Biotechnology Engineering; Public Health and Food Quality and Safety; Nature, Environment and Sustainability; Health and Sport sciences; Architecture, Urbanism, Arts and Design.

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