AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, proven solutions, and expert guidance. The Blood Pressure Cure helps readers take control of their health with a complete, tested, and proven plan for reducing blood pressure naturally without expensive drugs or complicated lifestyle changes.In this book, Robert Kowalski, the author of the huge New York Times bestseller The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure, now tackles another major health issue. High blood pressure, often called the silent killer, is a major cause of deadly heart attack and stroke. At least thirty percent of Americans suffer from high blood pressure and half are currently untreated. Most people know that high blood pressure is a bad thing but few understand exactly what the numbers mean or the relationship between high blood pressure and heart failure risk. And not everyone wants hypertension prescription drugs—and their side effects. Fortunately, there are newly developed and clinically proven all-natural ways to manage high blood pressure and greatly reduce the risk of fatal heart disease, and they are fully covered in this book.Kowalski’s step-by-step instructions for accurately testing blood pressure, establishing new blood pressure goals, and reaching those goals quickly gives readers the opportunity to dramatically lower their blood pressure. Kowalski covers the latest advice on supplements, herbs, and lifestyle action steps as well as topics including weight loss, stress management, quitting smoking and blood pressure management for people with diabetes. Readers will also find a helpful guide to prescription drugs for those who need medical help and a section of easy and delicious recipes to promote lower blood pressure.The Blood Pressure Cure has the potential to do for blood pressure with the amino acid arginine, grapeseed extract, tomato extract, cocoa, and other all-natural approaches what The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure did for cholesterol with oat bran and niacin, which Robert Kowalski helped bring to tens of millions of readers’ attention. Kowalski's new blood-pressure program is unique and clinically proven to work.Here are some fascinating statistics from The Blood Pressure Cure:Blood pressure between 120/80 and 130/90 is now considered prehypertension, which is a serious problem; anything over that is considered hypertension Authorities now recommend blood pressure testing starting at age 18—at age 13 for people with a family history of blood pressure problems A simple eye examination can help determine your immediate risk for high blood pressure Women with chest pains are less likely to be referred for diagnostic tests for high blood pressure or heart disease, which means women need to be extra vigilant about monitoring their blood pressure Blood pressure is very easily and accurately monitored at home with a reasonably priced home monitor After three consecutive days of moderate exercise (like walking for a half an hour), blood pressure is reduced—unfortunately, blood pressure will return back to pre-exercise levels only after a week or two of no exercise so it’s important to keep with the program It’s crucial to stop smoking: twenty minutes after one’s last cigarette blood pressure starts to go down; by the end of the day, one’s risk of heart attack or stroke goes down In one University of Pennsylvania study, men with low potassium intake were at a 2.6 times higher risk of stroke than men who had what has heretofore been considered enough potassium in their diets--and women with low potassium intake were at a 5 times higher at risk; this book shows how to increase potassium levels easily and cheaply Cocoa helps lower blood pressure, as does tea; cocoa and tea drinkers suffer less heart disease It’s important to enjoy oneself and laugh: blood vessel dilation is 50% better in people who have just watched a comedy than in people who have just watched a sad movie

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