Linda has a debt to pay off and jumps at the opportunity to make a great deal of money being a courier for a few phials of powder. Once in Haiti, she believes all she has to do is hand over the powder and all will be well. Unfortunately for her and her unwitting husband, the security forces are on to her and the hapless pair find themselves in the hands of interrogators who are determined to uncover every sordid secret from their past!Linda is secured to a large frame, electrodes planted on her sensitive parts, receiving massive shocks every time her interrogator decides she is withholding information or lying to him. Slowly, every sexual secret is revealed; her teenage affair with her best friend, Carol, how she acts in bed with her husband, all this accompanied by pain, suffering and a lot of discipline when she does not jump to the commands of her captors! There seems to be a reason for all this apparent brainwashing: all Linda knows is that she is being massively turned on by it all and that her previously masochistic self is being slowly drawn out!

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