A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes includingcontemporary, m/f, f/f, exhibitionism, and bondage.About to Come by Maxine MarshJudith has been dating Wes for a long six months and they still havent screwed. Its all a part of Wess philosophy waiting makes it better, and if she really wants him, shell wait. But the day has finally arrived, and Judiths about to find out just how hungry the wait has made her...Hiking by Penelope FridayKate isnt sure shes going to enjoy hiking with her boyfriend Alex, but shes willing to give it a go if she does it in her own way. When she admits to Alex that she has forgotten her knickers, their hike through secluded hillside takes an erotic turn. But it turns out the hillside isnt as secluded as the passionate couple originally thought...The Crinoline by Brian M. PowellThe woman suggested, as a game, that all men at the party describe their most secret sexual fantasy. Everyone agreed my fantasy was impossible and it was voted the worst fantasy. Only the woman who had suggested the game was interested in it. But when she called and ordered me to meet her at Forest Hall I did not know what to expect. I discovered she had arranged an extreme scene that allowed me to act out my fantasy with her as its object. It gave us the most intense erotic experience of our lives.The Mirror by J R RobertsSam is in the enviable position of having a lover who knows exactly what turns her on. But Scott is a tease and uses his skills and the fact that he knows how much she desires him to persuade her to be a naughty girl. Reflections in the mirror allow Sam a view usually denied to women and brings a new and exciting dimension to their lovemaking.Penthouse Sweet by Kate DominicA married woman enjoys California heat by sunbathing naked on her penthouse balcony, then indulging in an anniversary gift arranged by her husband -- sharing her freshly-shaved, sun-warmed pussy with another woman for the first time.

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