"The human race, in its mass confusion and conflict, asks the existential questions to which there seem to be no solid answers. In the sweep of a mere fourteen chapters, Dick Staub offers us the coherent narrative of the Why of humanity, the How of healing, and the Who of the Creator, giving firm ground for thoughtful questioners to stand on."?Luci Shaw, poet and author, Breath for the Bones, Harvesting Fog "Broadcaster, writer, lover of all things C.S. Lewis, raconteur par excellence, and great friend, Dick Staub is one of the few people I?ve met who truly cares about people becoming fully human. He is a faithful and effective guide on the journey to do just that."? Bill Kinnon,Moving Image creator, writer, blogger "Dick Staub?s insight into our present age and our own deep longings lead us on a ?rowdy pilgrimage? to discover the riches that lay within our unique design while pointing us to the fully human life."?Scott & Pam Nolte, theatre artists and co–founders,...

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