Rhia and Suzie meet by accident in Soho one Friday afternoon, old friends reunited. For Suzie it is a dream come true: she has fantasised about dominating Rhia for years. Too much drink quickly reduces Rhia to the role of victim and Suzie has a wonderful night.But Rhia does not take kindly to being abused in this way. Suzie does not know what she has unleashed by her wanton behaviour with the drunken helpless Rhia.Underneath the 'office girl' look staged by Rhia is an expert dominatrix. She quickly starts to take revenge on the hapless Suzie and before long she reduces her one time friend and abuser to the level of an animal, breaking her will, whipping her mercilessly, having her tattooed from head to foot and ultimately creating her own very personal submissive.At all times, Rhia demands absolute obedience from her slave.The strange twisted relationship goes through many changes, with the two women growing unbelievably close, living a strange life of domination and submission in a reclusive world that shelters them both. All is well until the daughter of an old client of Rhia's comes calling, bringing suffering and tragedy with her.This is a dark and brooding book detailing the savage BDSM relationship between a true dominatrix and her totally submissive lesbian slave.

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