Sample Chapter(s)Introduction (518 KB)Contents: Editorial (H I Christensen et al.)The Harvard Binocular Head (N J Ferrier & J J Clark)Heads, Eyes, and Head-Eye Systems (K Pahlavan & J-O Eklundh)Design and Performance of TRISH, a Binocular Robot Head with Torsional Eye Movements (E Milios et al.)A Low-Cost Robot Camera Head (H I Christensen)The Surrey Attentive Robot Vision System (J R G Pretlove & G A Parker)Layered Control of a Binocular Camera Head (J L Crowley et al.)SAVIC: A Simulation, Visualization and Interactive Control Environment for Mobile Robots (C Chen & M M Trivedi)Simulation and Expectation in Sensor-Based Systems (Y Roth & R Jain)Active Avoidance: Escape and Dodging Behaviors for Reactive Control (R C Arkin et al.)Readership: Engineers and computer scientists.

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