'Gary Winship has produced a highly original exploration of drug taking in the twenty-first century. Beginning with a clear statement that this issue is a growing and poorly managed one, the author draws on a wide range of classical thought, psychoanalytic theory, and his own clinical experience to explore a fresh approach to understanding why people take drugs. This book will be very useful for students in clinical fields such as nursing, social care, psychotherapy, and drug support work. It is also an important contribution to the drug policy debate.'- Professor Nick Manning, Director, Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham / Notts HC NHS Trust'Gary Winship's Addictive Personalities and Why People Take Drugs: The Spike and the Moon is an imaginative and innovative book, taking the reader through many fields of addiction, from cultural locations and ancient myths of addiction, through psychodynamic theories of addiction, to controversies in contemporary drug policy. The author's scholarship and experience are impressive, as is the clarity with which he tackles the subject. Given the widespread nature of substance misuse in society, it is timely to have a book offering such a fresh re-think.'- Martin Weegmann, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, group analyst, and author

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