The overwhelming occurrence of domestic violence in our society makes it more than likely there are-or will soon be-victims in your workplace. This timely book will help you recognize, respond to and prevent domestic violence and reduce your direct liability as an employer. Written by a domestic violence specialist, the book's 10 chapters provide valuable insight into the complexities of dealing with domestic violence in business. It is recommended reading for human resource professionals, managers, and business owners who want to prevent an incident through policy and program development or be ready to intervene in case of a crisis. Highlighting cases of actual incidents of workplace violence, Counting the Cost is a comprehensive resource that will help you: Recognize the warning signs of domestic violence; Handle legal issues; Develop appropriate policies; Understand the impact of domestic violence on business; Know what to do if the batterer is an employee; Communicate with victims; Make your entire workplace more secure; Train employees on domestic violence protocol; With Counting the Cost as your guide, you can save valuable employees from termination, and gain-in return-years of loyal and dedicated service.

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