Blatchley's First Law of Nautical Recreation: "The brilliance of the manoeuvre is in inverse proportion to the number of people watching it."When three stolid Englishmen take a late-season sailing holiday in Greece, they take with them a number of firm preconceptions about sailing and Mediterranean culture. As they progress erratically through the Saronic and Argolic islands and the coasts of Greece, their notions are radically altered as they learn the hard way about Mediterranean sailing and more gently about the people, geography, cuisine and history of the host nation. Filled with sea, sunshine, cheerful mayhem and serendipitous discoveries, Adjacent to the Argonauts will charm travel-addicts, Hellenophiles and sailors alike as fate and the good ship Nissos drag Julian, Rex and Malcolm to their unlikely epiphany. With echoes of Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat, Adjacent to the Argonauts is a humorous sailor's yarn written for both the Old Salt and Landlubber, describing how the author first came to know and love Greece and the Greeks a quarter of a century ago. It unveils how a light-hearted sailing trip, despite numerous nautical misadventures, unexpectedly developed into an introduction to Greece so compelling that the narrator has made Greece his second home.

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