Real muscle--real fast, nothing beats advanced Max Contraction Training!"Groundbreaking. This is truly an incredible discovery that could cause physiology books to be rewritten."--Ironman magazine"[John Littles] methods . . . will result in real, meaningful, and sustainable physical results and will help build a confidence in your own abilities that will permeate into all areas of your life."--Anthony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach and author of Awaken the Giant Within"This training approach has begun to stimulate our thinking in entirely new directions."--Muscle & Fitness"Dont be surprised if you see substantial results in only three workouts! Thats how good this system is."--Muscular DevelopmentGet huge in record time!With Omega Set training you can gain as much as 18 pounds of lean, hard muscle in as little as 4 weeks--without fad diets, supplements, or anabolic drugs. Taking bodybuilding pioneer John Littles Max Contraction Training to a whole new level of intensity, this science-based system is specifically engineered for advanced bodybuilders who demand results measured in pounds and inches of pure muscle.

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