This volume contains the Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics held in Shanghai, November 17-21, 2007. The participants were treated to an exciting and stimulating conference that left everyone with an enthusiastic vision for the future of the field. The latest important progress was covered by 13 mini-symposia including: Models of Mental Disorders; Cognitive Machines; Dynamics in learning and memory; Central nervous system synchronization; Neuroinformatics; Cognitive Computational Modeling of Human Language Processing; Cognitive Neurodynamics of Attention; Bottom-Up and Top-Down; Brain Networks; From Anatomy to Dynamics; Translational Cognitive Neuroimaging; K-sets; Theory and Applications; Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Brain Data Analysis; Visual cortex: information processing and dynamics; Dynamics of Firing Patterns and Synchronization in Neuronal Systems.

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