This unified volume is a collection of invited articles on topics presented at the Symposium on Systems, Control, and Networks, held in Berkeley June 5-7, 2005, in honor of Pravin Varaiya on his 65th birthday. Varaiya is an eminent faculty member of the University of California at Berkeley, widely known for his seminal contributions in areas as diverse as stochastic systems, nonlinear and hybrid systems, distributed systems, communication networks, transportation systems, power networks, economics, optimization, and systems education. The chapters include recent results and surveys by leading experts on topics that reflect many of the research and teaching interests of Varaiya, including: - hybrid systems and applications - communication, wireless and sensor networks - transportation systems - stochastic systems - systems education Advances in Control, Communication Networks, and Transportation Systems will serve as an excellent resource for practicing and research engineers, applied mathematicians, and graduate students working in such areas as communication networks, sensor networks, transportation systems, control theory, hybrid systems, and applications. Contributors: J.S. Baras; V.S. Borkar; M.H.A. Davis; A.R. Deshpande; D. Garg; M. Gastpar; A.J. Goldsmith; R. Gupta; R. Horowitz; I. Hwang; T. Jiang; R. Johari; A. Kotsialos; A.B. Kurzhanski; E.A. Lee; X. Liu; H.S. Mahmassani; D. Manjunath; B. Mishra; L. Munoz; M. Papageorgiou; C. Piazza; S.E. Shladover; D.M. Stipanovic; T.M. Stoenescu; X. Sun; D. Teneketzis; C.J. Tomlin; J.N. Tsitsiklis; J. Walrand; X. Zhou

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