A complete and comprehensive collaboration providing insight on future approaches to telephone survey methodologyOver the past fifteen years, advances in technology have transformed the field of survey methodology, from how interviews are conducted to the management and analysis of compiled data. Advances in Telephone Survey Methodology is an allencompassing and authoritative resource that presents a theoretical, methodological, and statistical treatment of current practices while also establishing a discussion on how stateoftheart developments in telecommunications have and will continue to revolutionize the telephone survey process.Seventyfive prominent international researchers and practitioners from government, academic, and private sectors have collaborated on this pioneering volume to discuss basic survey techniques and introduce the future directions of the telephone survey. Concepts and findings are organized in four partssampling and estimation, data collection, operations, and nonresponseequipping the reader with the needed practical applications to approach issues such as choice of target population, sample design, questionnaire construction, interviewing training, and measurement error. The book also introduces important topics that have been overlooked in previous literature, including:The impact of mobile telephones on telephone surveys and the rising presence of mobileonly households worldwideThe design and construction of questionnaires using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) softwareThe emerging use of wireless communication and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) versus the telephoneMethods for measuring and improving interviewer performance and productivityPrivacy, confidentiality, and respondent burden as main factors in telephone survey nonresponseProcedures for the adjustment of nonresponse in telephone surveysIndepth reviews of the literature presented along with a full bibliography, assembled from references throughout the worldAdvances in Telephone Survey Methodology is an indispensable reference for survey researchers and practitioners in almost any discipline involving research methods such as sociology, social psychology, survey methodology, and statistics. This book also serves as an excellent text for courses and seminars on survey methods at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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