Climbing mountains, crossing the dessert, exploring the polar iceThere is as much adventure in managing a business as there is in physical feats of prowess and endurance! Adventures in Management is an insiders view of corporate management in developing countries. Highlighting the key differences between the developing and developed countries in terms of issues of politics, corruption and cultural attitudes, the author explains how to perform successfully despite them.The basic premise of this book is that since it is managers who make the corporation, it is essential to equip them not only with managerial techniques but also with the knowledge of the particular environment within which they function. The author explains how managers should deal with the challenges of managing in a developing environment so as to perform successfully. Core lessons in the book include how to develop a harmonious culture within any business and create an environment that works to the advantage of the business and the benefit and dignity of the employees.Based on the authors personal experiences while working in both, a large, state-owned corporation and a multinational company, in Sri Lanka, this book comprehensively highlights the ground realities of managing in developing countries.

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