This textbook presents the current issues in software development methods. Special emphasis is placed on agile software development, being one of the mainstream paradigms for the management of software projects. Features and topics: (1) Examines the Agile manifesto and its implications. (2) Discusses the delivery of software projects on time and within budgets by using agile software development environment. (3) Considers the customer role in agile software development environments. (4) Looks at measures to control and monitor the software development process. (5) Offers Agile software development processes from a cognitive perspective. (6) Explores the concept of agility from the management perspective. (7) Investigates the impact of agility on the organization level. (8) The wider context of each topic to software engineering is emphasized. This comprehensive and concise introduction offers a reader-friendly approach to the topic. Written for advanced undergraduates, this clear foundation course will also be valuable for practitioners.

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