IN ACTION OVER THE ARGONNE WILL that starting signal ever come, Tom? Just hold your horses, Jack. The other squadron has gone out, and is already hard at it over the Boche line. Our turn next. Keep cool. And here's hoping we both pull through with our usual good luck. Wow! See that big Hun plane, a Fokker, too, take the nose dive, will you? But he's overshot his mark. I warrant you he is trying like mad to get on a level keel again. Good-night! I could almost imagine I heard the crash away off here, even with all that thunder from Big Berthas and the crackle of hundreds of machine guns. It makes the goose-flesh tingle all over me, Tom, to think that some day - or it may be night - one or the other of us may finish up in just that kind of fireworks. The life of an air pilot is full of hazards, Jack, just remember. If he's going to make a success of his calling he's got to have nerves of steel. "Yes, and let him lose his grip and confidence because of any unusual danger, his usefulness is gone

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