This monograph deals with approximation and noise cancellation of dynamical systems which include linear and nonlinear input/output relationships. It also deal with approximation and noise cancellation of two dimensional arrays. It will be of special interest to researchers, engineers and graduate students who have specialized in filtering theory and system theory and digital images. This monograph is composed of two parts. Part I and Part II will deal with approximation and noise cancellation of dynamical systems or digital images respectively. From noiseless or noisy data, reduction will be made. A method which reduces model information or noise was proposed in the reference vol. 376 in LNCIS [Hasegawa, 2008]. Using this method will allow model description to be treated as noise reduction or model reduction without having to bother, for example, with solving many partial differential equations. This monograph will propose a new and easy method which produces the same results as the method treated in the reference. As proof of its advantageous effect, this monograph provides a new law in the sense of numerical experiments. The new and easy method is executed using the algebraic calculations without solving partial differential equations. For our purpose, many actual examples of model information and noise reduction will also be provided.

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