The trials of Alice continue in the Shadows of Perdition. Having escaped the clutches of the overbearing and pious Uncle Richard, Alice settled with the Howells, and although welcomed and cosseted, her feelings toward Jonathan cannot be suppressed. For all the attacks on her conscience she again attempts a seduction, reasoning the woman might succeed where the callow girl failed. Oblivious of her sexual magnetism, it transpires that Jonathan is not the only one with designs upon her delectable seat and beguiling figure. In an effort to deliver Katy from the wily and incorrigible Harris, she entraps herself, discovering his arm to be one to avoid. Seeking the results from Carters, she meets again with the unpredictable Richard, and nothing would have prepared her for the bitter reception, or for the awful secret he harbours. This powerful mix of tenderness, passion and austerity will take you into a candid and plausible world of the provocative...

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