In this guide, Allergic Girl Sloane Miller shows how to best handle and address food allergies in your dating life.Millions of Americans concerned about adverse reactions to food are seeking the advice of medical professionals and receiving a diagnosis of food allergies. Allergic Girl Sloane Miller, a leading authority on food allergies, has been allergic since childhood and lives a full, enjoyable life. With tested strategies and practical solutions to everyday food allergy concerns, Miller shows how readers can enjoy their lives too. Informed by personal narratives laced with humor and valuable insights, this is a breakthrough guide. If you’re single and dating with a severe dietary restriction and want to let someone new know, there are opportunities everywhere. Don't let food allergies hold you back in your dating life--start having that conversation in an easy yet informative way. Allergic Girl Guide to Dating will give you the tools to manage your medical diagnosis and create a sense of confidence and trust in yourself to navigate the dating world safely, effectively, and joyously with food allergies.Enjoy your food-allergic life to the fullest. Let Allergic Girl show you how. 

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