Welcome to Alphabet City in the Lower Eat Side, Manhattan's most crime-ridden neighbourhood. Murder, rape and violence are hitting record levels the streets, fuelled by a drug problem that's got the city by the throat so hard it could explode into full-blown anarchy. It was into this vision of hell that Mike Codella and his partner Gio stepped in 1988, two plainclothes narcs expected just to pull a few street arrests to keep statistics looking good, and try to get out alive. But Mike had his eyes on something bigger. Davey Blue Eyes: local kingpin, druglord and stone cold murderer. Just one drawback - no one even knew what he looked like. Fascinating, brutal and told with a furious, even poetic energy, Alphaville stands shoulder to shoulder with other modern true crime classics such as Serpico, The French Connection, Wiseguy, or David Simon's Homicide. 'Nerve-shreddingly real. Addictive, brilliant and compelling. A staggeringly well-written true-life drama, which had me breathless from the first page to the last.' R.J. Ellory, #1 bestselling autor of A Simple Act of Violence and A Quiet Belief in Angels

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