Get the truth about alternative energy and make it part of your lifeWant to utilize cleaner, greener types of energy? This plain-English guide clearly explains the popular forms of alternative energy that you can use in your home, your car, and more. Separating myth from fact, this resource explores the current fossil fuel conundrum, the benefits of alternatives, and the energy of the future, such as hydrogen and fuel cell technology.The ABCs of alternative energy what it is, how it works, and what the real costs areWhere we are now learn where our current energy comes from and how much longer it will last Take the first step see how energy efficiency and conservation can reduce your reliance on fossil fuelsGrasp the alternatives from nuclear power to geothermal energy to wood burning, understand the benefits that alternative energy can have on the nationApply alternative fuels to transportation from biofuels to exotic propulsion to electricity, see how they are best used and how hybrid, all-electric, and fuel cellpowered vehicles workGet a peek into the future see what the outlook holds for each form of alternative energy discussedOpen the book and find:The pros and cons of alternative energyA review of the current world energy economy The problems with fossil fuels, from smog to global warmingAdvantages of alternative energyPractical results of alternatives you can use in daily life Guidelines for investing in alternative energy vehiclesTen ways you can bring about change right nowInsight into the future of energy production and how you can invest in it

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