Alzheimer's Disease Up Close And Personal: From a Caregiver's Perspective. My Story Plus - Solutions That Worked for Me, I Hope They Work for You


This is a true story about the life of Irwin and Catherine Deems and where the turns have taken them. Alzheimer's Disease Up Close and Personal, from a caregivers perspective, is what this book is all about. This is an interesting story, it is a love story, it is a happy story, and it is a sad story. This wonderful gentleman came into Catherine's life at just the right time. She had been recently divorced and you all know that is no fun. Irwin and Catherine were married within a year. Starting in Maryland, continuing to Europe the happy couple share many things; Irwin adjusting to a teenage boy, Catherine's son, and finds himself suddenly taking care of them both when Catherine falls very ill. After a long recovery, they find themselves whisked to Europe for Catherine's work when noticeable changes begin to show in Irwin's behavior. The diagnosis was Alzheimers. Back in Maryland, Catherine finds herself the caregiver this time, coping with the disease that robs her precious husband's mind.

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