* Latest healthy eating guidelines* Foods and strategies for your good health* Nutritional advice for every age and stage of lifeA lifetime of sound, easy, and positive advice on healthy eating??from the world?s foremost authority on food and nutritionThe choices you make every day about food, nutrition, and health can have a major impact on your life. To find the most reliable nutrition information and sound advice in achieving optimal health, look no further. This comprehensive book from the American Dietetic Association explains everything you need to know about eating healthy, with simple, practical tips and flexible guidelines designed to help you choose nutritious, flavorful, and fun foods to suit your needs and lifestyle at any age.This brand-new edition of the bestselling American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide offers the most up-to-date nutrition information for the whole family. From the healthiest baby food to eating well in the golden years, this fully revised, quick-access guide features:* New chapters on the use and abuse of supplements (including herbals and other botanicals) and on nutrition and health conditions (including Syndrome X and adult and childhood diabetes) and food-drug interactions* An expanded chapter on women?s health and nutrition that covers breast cancer, fibromyalgia, and the link between folic acid and heart disease* The latest on food-borne bacteria and ways to prevent food-borne illness* Help for making the right food choices in restaurants* Facts about functional foods and phytonutrients for health, and nutritious ethnic food choices* What you need to know about food and water safety* American Heart Association, USDA, and American Cancer Society guidelines, as well as the DASH "blood-pressure-lowering" diet* Up-to-date information on food labeling and food allergens and intolerances, including celiac disease* More on managing body weight, the truth about today?s popular diets, and controlling emotional overeating* Ways to blend nutrition with great taste?in fun, easy ways* And much more

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