In this study, author Jayson Reeves examines the role that monopolies and market-controlling businesses play in the United States, considering the good, bad, and more complex aspects involved. Drawing on his experiences as a former partner in a civil engineering firm, he takes a bird's-eye view of the key people, businesses, and regulatory agencies that have played major roles in government and industry. Unlike some other writers, he doesn't overlook the positive part that government-owned public utilities and other monopolies have played. The anti-trust era, infrastructure, international markets, and other factors have had major effects on the big businesses and enterprises of today. It's important to understand how they interact-especially with the emergence of the Internet, which has challenged notions about how the competitive landscape may change in the future. Get the insights and knowledge you need to participate in a continuing conversation about ways to make business fair, safe, and productive. If we want to preserve the Constitution and our social values, we must maintain the integrity of American Monopology.

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