Never before, under one book cover, have so many American leaders shared their wisdom on crucial issues such as: business practices, family conflict, education, sex and violence, ethics, health, rapid change, and the re-awakening American Spirit. What would you ask the most creative minds in America? What are our accomplishments? Where have we failed? How can we best prepare for the future? Whom would you include? Forbes Magazine's Steve Forbes, Entrepreneurs like J.W. Marriott, business consultant Ken Blanchard, politicians such as Senator Rockefeller and people like John Walsh, Quincy Jones, Patricia Schroeder, and Larry King? Dr. McCoy personally interviewed these people and many more. The reader is offered a rich stew of opinions and ideas from liberals and conservatives, writers and politicians, actors and astronauts, entrepreneurs and entertainers. Their words provide a roadmap for the reader striving to navigate through a maze of today's unrest.

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