This second edition of An Atlas of Functions, with Equator, the Atlas Function Calculator, provides comprehensive information on several hundred functions or function families, of interest to all those scientists, engineers and mathematicians who are concerned with the quantitative aspects of their field. Beginning with simple integer-valued functions, the book progresses to polynomials, exponential, trigonometric, Bessel, and hypergeometric functions, as well as many more. The 65 chapters are arranged roughly in order of increasing complexity, mathematical sophistication being kept to a minimum while utility is stressed throughout. In addition to providing definitions and simple properties for every function, each chapter catalogs more complex interrelationships as well as the derivatives, integrals, Laplace transforms and other characteristics of the function. Numerous color figures in 2 or 3 dimensions depict their shape and qualitative features and flesh out the readers familiarity with the functions. In many instances, the chapter concludes with a concise exposition on a topic in applied mathematics associated with the particular function or function family.Features that make the Atlas an invaluable reference tool, yet simple to use, include:full coverage of those functionselementary and specialthat meet everyday needsa standardized chapter format, making it easy to locate needed information on such aspects as: nomenclature, general behavior, definitions, intrarelationships, expansions, approximations, limits, and response to operations of the calculusextensive cross-referencing and comprehensive indexing, with useful appendicesthe inclusion of innovative software--Equator, the Atlas Function Calculatorthe inclusion of new material dealing with interesting applications of many of the function families, building upon the favorable responses to similar material in the first edition.

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