Book DescriptionSynopsis: This book is about the attempts of the authors to have some pharmaceutical companies test herbs for aids and cancer cures. The herbs in question were given to one of the authors in a dream vision. About the book: This sequence of events actually occurred in the lives of Prince and Gaynelle Kaywood. In 1991 Gaynelle had a past life reading done. The reading was conducted by the college of metaphysics in Missouri.. According to Gaynelle's reading, she was alive in Africa around 600 BC. The reading stated that she was a herbal healer, and that she was highly sought after by members of her tribe for help with medical problems, and also for advice on private matters. Eleven years later in the Spring of 2001, Gaynelle gives Princea piece of paper that has four herbs written on it. She then tells Prince that "these are the herbs that will cure aids and cancer." Gaynelle said that she saw herself in a vision using these herbs. She was giving these herbs to a man...

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