The Anaesthetic Crisis Manual is a practical quick-reference handbook giving step-by-step instructions for the management of the most common anaesthetic crises encountered in the OR. 20 crisis management protocols cover all major scenarios that require immediate therapeutic intervention to prevent a catastrophic outcome, including cardiac arrest, acute haemorrhage, anaphylaxis, aspiration, LAT, acutely elevated airway pressure, difficult airway, CICV, malignant hyperthermia, neonatal resuscitation and paediatric life support, acute bronchospasm, air embolism, ACM ischaemia, hyperkalaemia, laryngospasm, maternal collapse, post-partum haemorrhage and transfusion reaction A crisis prevention section includes a 15-point machine check, a crisis prevention checklist and a list of 10 terminal events to help diagnose rapidly deteriorating events Colour-coding, bulleted and numbered lists and flowcharts enhance memory recall in a stressful situation The tabbed layout enables quick and easy navigation and use in the midst of a crisis A must for every anaesthetist and anaesthetic assistant.

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