Critical questions specific to film adaptations need to be not only developed but established. And, these questions, these approaches, need to be accessible to students, who are not yet educationally sophisticated enough to digest purely theoretical material. Analyzing Literature-to-Film Adaptations: A Novelist's Exploration and Guide signifies an exploration into film adaptation from a novelists perspective, from the author working with a screenwriter, embarking on a journey to understand the implications of literature-to-film adaptation and the complexities and problems it raises. Using well-known adaptations (Mary Shelleys Frankenstein, Children of Men, The Handmaids Tale, The Hours; The Cider House Rules, Beloved, Atonement; No Country for Old Men and The Road) the book will put forth an understanding of film and film analysis, as well as address literary analysis; though the crux of the book will be the introduction of an academic means for critical analysis of film adaptations. It will focus on literature-to-film adaptations, or literary narratives (novels, novellas, short stories) being adapted to film.

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