If God made everything, who made God?This question has intrigued people - from young children to philosophers - from the earliest times until the present day, and provided opponents of religion with some of their strongest artillery. Did God 'create man in his own image'? Or was it the other way around?In And Man Created God renowned scholar Robert Banks explores the history of this question and the objection it raises - that belief in God is an imaginary means of wish-fulfillment. From its earliest vocalisation in the ancient world to its most famous historical proponents - such as Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, and others - he explores the development of the idea over time, and asks whether it stands up to logical scrutiny.This book is sure to challenge and inform anyone with a general interest in religion, the so called'NewAtheism', or wanting to discover what (if any) elements of their idea of God are man-made. Banks' conclusions are surprising for believers and non-believers alike: for whether or not you believe in God, your concept of God may need to be revised. Robert Banks is an award-winning author of a dozen books on a wide range of subjects. He was previously Research Fellow in the History of Ideas, Australian National University, Canberra, Professor in the School of Theology at Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, USA and is now Associate of the Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

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