Fantasy slavery and extreme BDSM in the fabled 'Gor' tradition. Angel was once an ordinary Earth girl snatched by time travellers and transported to a strange world where slaves are used and abused endlessly. As our story opens, Angel is being purchased by a galley captain to be chained to an oar. After some months of this heavy work, she encounters her old boyfriend, Steve, now Master Stephen, and discovers that he owns the ship - and her!Much later she is transported to her Master's mansion where she encounters her previous Mistress and her sister Shirley, who has been Master Stephen's slave almost as long as Angel herself. But Shirley is destined to take the 'March of Hell' ... while Angel is forced to spend two long years as a pony girl before being taken up to be trained as a passion slave. She longs to succeed at this, desiring to please her demanding Master, but as soon as she graduates, he sells her on and the very last glimpse she has of her previous love is his charming smile.

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