Previously published by Nexus as 'House of Angels'. This new revised version by the author herself contains scenes and incidents which the big publishing houses would certainly not have allowed!Run by dominant and manipulative Sonia, the villa in Languedoc with its troupe of beautiful and versatile girls is the centre of an S&M business providing services to the wealthy both in-house and abroad. In specially equipped secret rooms within the villa are acted out scenes of bizarre sexual perversity. Here the more submissive of the girls are subject to extreme bondage and humiliation for the pleasure of others or merely the satisfaction of Pauline, Sonia's sadistic and vengeful lieutenant, whose favoured victim is schoolgirl-ish Jackie.Obliged by Sonia to live away from the house is also predatory handyman, Mike, determined not to miss out on the numerous opportunities there in spite of his fear of Pauline. Into this licentious world comes the desirable Karen, hardly innocent, openly bisexual but still clinging to ideas of morality even after a torrid affair with another woman. She thinks she has escaped to a new life in the south of France working as Sonia's secretary at the villa and does not realise she has entered a spider's web. Desired by Sonia as much as she is resented by Pauline, it can only be a matter of time before Karen, in spite of her protests, finds herself hopelessly drawn into this voluptuous theatre and performing the blatantly erotic acts she tried so hard to eschew.

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