This book provides a forum for researchers in scalable computing to publish extended-length articles on significant new developments. An article may present comprehensive results from a major project, review recent work in a sub-domain, or expound new ideas in a detailed, tutorial fashion, at a length which most journals and conference proceedings cannot accommodate.The five articles in this book give an excellent illustration of the different types of material requiring such extensive treatment, and should serve well to encourage future authors with similar ideas to consider publishing in the Series on Scalable Computing.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1.1: Introduction (103 KB)Chapter 1.2: BaLinda: Fork and Join with Tuples (81 KB)Chapter 1.3: Objects from Functions (84 KB)Chapter 1.4: Active Versus Passive Objects (88 KB)Chapter 1.5: Objects and Atomicity (97 KB)Chapter 1.6: Using BaLinda Objects (101 KB)Chapter 1.7: Speculative Processing (122 KB)Chapter 1.8: Object as Function Families (97 KB)Chapter 1.9: Performance Information (107 KB)Contents:Active Objects: A Software Structure for Cluster-Based Systems (C K Yuen)Scalable Optimistic Parallel Simulation (Y M Teo & S C Tay)High Performance Fortran for Advanced Applications (S Benkner)Inter Process Communication Optimization in a Scalable Computing Cluster (O La'adan & A Barak)Designing Superservers with Clusters and Commodity Components (Z Xu & K Hwang)Readership: Researchers in computer science.

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