The Anomalies is the story of five quirky nonconformists who come together to make rock music in their small Midwestern town primarily inhabited by tiny-minded, walking stereotypes.Twenty-four-year-old Luster, who lives in the ghetto with his crack-dealing brothers, wants the ultimate form of the American dream-rock stardom. Sex-crazed Opal lives for partying despite being eighty. Adorable eight-year-old Ember hates the world and wants to destroy it. Forty-something Iraqi Ray loves Americans even though he fought them in the Gulf War. Aurora deplores young people, although she is a pretty, Satan-worshipping teenager. And now these misfits have formed a band-a band so different, so utterly unpredictable that they might just be able to slip between a crack, rise above their small-town existence, tour the world, and in the process make us all reconsider our tired conventions. About the authorTwenty-two-year-old Adam Joseph (Joey) Goebel III was born and raised in Henderson, Kentucky. He has a BA in English from Brescia University and his short stories have appeared in two anthologies. He is the former lead singer of the punk band The Mullets (Higher Step Records).The Anomalies is his first novel.

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