In a memoir recognized for both its heartfelt truths and humbling bravery, "Another Day Without A Cage" is the true story of one girl's journey from living a life of helplessness, where she was unable to articulate her own thoughts, to realizing her ultimate level of empowerment and personal peace. Through each page, you will experience her dramatic change in mindset, from unhealthy to healthy, as she reaches a level of self-actualization, living her life and career dreams as a professional speaker and television host. You will feel her inner conflict and tranquility that comes only from the failures and successes of learning to live. "Another Day Without A Cage" is more than a story; it is a proven plan to achieve life's potential. Whether you are struggling to find your own path or seeking the courage to take the steps, Gail Kasper will instill a strength deep inside your core to persevere, as she exhibits the guts necessary to go where others fail to venture and the personal reward that comes despite the falls. Her story will inspire anyone to step out of their cage and live from the heart.

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