Carol Ann Duffy has asked some of the brightest lights in the poetry world to choose a poem that is meaningful -- or has meant something -- to them, and write a reponse to it. With up-and-coming poets alongside more established names, and original poems alongside the new works they've inspired, Answering Back promises to be a truly unique anthology; from old favourites to modern classics, it will be a collection everyone can respond to. Praise for Carol Ann Duffy's most recent collection, Rapture: Rapture takes the reader on an ecstatic rollercoaster: soaring and swooping and holding ones breath; hurtling, heart thumping through the complexities of human feeling. This is a book that demands to be read from cover to cover The Times 'I read it on the tube and missed my station. I read it in bed and couldnt sleep. I read it at my desk and started to cry. Affairs are notoriously disruptive; reading about an affair is not supposed to have the same effect. But it does in the case of Rapture Guardian

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