Not just a heart-stopping story, but one that is essential for our times. Anne Enright, author of The Gathering Kate Clanchy meets a Kosovan refugee in the street as their children play. They immediately connect and on instinct, Kate offers Antigona a job as her nanny. Over five years of working together, an intense friendship develops and their two utterly divergent stories begin to emerge one, a London-based, middle-class, highly educated writer, the other, a refugee with almost no education who has escaped with her three children from a terrible war, from a violent husband and from the rural highlands of Kosovo, where she lived under an almost medieval code of conduct. As they learn about each others lives their views on almost everything begin to shift and their friendships transform them both for the better. Clanchys portrait of Antigona is wonderfully vivid, as are her reflections on her own complex feelings. A powerfully written, refreshingly honest work. Observer

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