The book provides essential information for Colleges and Training Centres who offer physiotherapy, beauty therapy and sports science courses as it explains both the scientific principles and the practical applications of electrotherapy. It also offers valuable information for all those interested in keeping fit with electrical stimulation, in an increasingly sedentary society where active exercise is difficult to maintain at adequate levels or when an injury or illness prevents active exercise. Electrical stimulation is an invaluable method of achieving better recovery of function after disabilities due to malfunction of the neuromuscular system, such as neurological disorders, stroke, spinal cord injury, and muscle diseases. Electrical stimulation is now well established as an effective and user-friendly tool for toning, strengthening and firming muscles. Health and beauty centres use electrical stimulation for body and face shaping and contouring, sports professionals use it for muscle training and recovery. However, there is still some unease both in the scientific community and the general public regarding electrical stimulation. This book explains exactly how electrical stimulation activates and transforms muscle, how it works on the cardiovascular system compared to active exercise and how it can be used both for healthy individuals and those needing stimulation for rehabilitation and recovery. It includes a comprehensive users guide for the practical application of electrotherapy.

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